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Planning for week two - The Ramblings of MA in PA
Let the geeking commence!
Planning for week two

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I’m up early this morning – and frantically trying to plan what I’m going to cook in the next week.  It’s going to be more complicated than last week – there will be no gold star this week.  But there are also some factors, one being that about half the week is going to be spent out of town.

The other is that looking at the recipes – wow – there are not that many with vegetables for the produce dish.  I remember when I went through Feasting on Ashphalt and I’m Just Here for the Food 2.0 – there was a a definite lean toward the protein dishes.  That balanced out with the addition I’m Just Here for More Food.  But trying to find a veggie recipe this week, I’m having trouble.  I wanted to do most of the cooking tomorrow – and I’m meeting Sara in two hours to shop for the main components – so I need to make a decision.

Dessert is already taken care of, and I’m doing those on Friday and Saturday.  I wanted to make the starch for breakfast tomorrow – maybe – or just make biscuits, since there are a progression of recipes, and I feel I should get started on those.  But searching through – it felt like I wasn’t coming up with too many produce recipes.  I have a feeling in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to have to index the recipes, and hope I have enough ones with fruit and vegetables.  Or else I’m going to have to move forward with using recipes off the website.  I saw a newer show this week that made roasted broccoli.  Now THAT looked good.

So stay tuned – there should be a post tomorrow.  But first – if you are on Twitter, or in the podosphere at all – you may have heard of the death of Natalie Morris.  I only met her two times, the first was when sheand Tee took me in for a night during a much-too-ambitious drive from Atlanta to Philly, and the second was last year at a Scott Sigler event.   She was always friendly and welcoming and is going to be missed so much.  Below are links to sites that people have set up.  The Chip In in particular has really grown in the couple of days that it’s been around.  I’m amazed at the generosity of the people in this community.  Somewhere  – Philippa Ballantine is gathering together items for an auction.  I’ve donated approximately 2 dozen shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate to be shipped anywhere in the world.  If you can help – please do.

Chip in:  Tee and Sonic Boom

Astral Audio Productions:  Calling all podcasters

Remember Natalie Morris

And hug everyone you love.


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